Bungie have announced that the Destiny 2 Beta which is currently running will be extended by another two days. The Beta has been running in open access since July 21st, 10am PST / 6pm UK time and has given players a taste of what is to come from the highly anticipated Bungie shooter. The Beta will now run until July 25th 18:00 PDT.

The Destiny 2 Beta launched with a hefty amount of content. Players were granted access to the opening Homecoming mission, two-crucible modes, two crucible maps and a cooperative strike. On July 23, The Farm, a social hub, was available for players to try out for one hour only. As is common place for a Beta, character progression will not carry over to the main game.
Destiny 2 marks a new shift for the series, most notably via the addition of a single player campaign. The story involves the guardians facing off against the Cabal, an enemy from the first game. The Cabal have destroyed The Tower and imprisoned the Traveller, the object from which all Guardians draw their power. The campaign features voice work from Nathan Fillion who is playing returning character Cayde-6.

Destiny 2 will release for Ps4 and Xbox One on September 6 while the PC version will release on October 24.

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