Ahead of the big Battlefield V reveal on May 23rd, developers over at DICE have teased some big changes to gameplay, as well as a whole new setting for the game that hits shelves later this year.

Details about the new Battlefield are still thin on the ground, but it hasn’t stopped the game’s developers from releasing little titbits in order to keep players excited about the new release. Battlefield 1 was praised for its WWI setting, however the series is preparing for a change of scenery with this year’s game.

The official Battlefield Twitter account posted a series of tweets that gave a few clues about what will be new in Battlefield V:

While there aren’t any clues to the mysterious new setting, some have suggested that we could be seeing the likes of Vietnam or Korea, but many seem to expect the game to return to WWII in a whole new way, considering the game is meant to be a sequel to Battlefield 1.

Elsewhere, the game is aiming to get ahead of its rival, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, by keeping its story mode, and bringing back their popular War Stories. Given Black Ops 4 saw the controversial axing of the single-player mode in favour of a multiplayer experience, this classic form could work in Battlefield’s favour.

There have also been promises made of major gameplay overhaul, ensuring that players keep their eye out for the upcoming game reveal.

Should the game deliver on these new promises, DICE could well take the lead from Black Ops 4 in 2018’s shooter gaming battle.

Check out Battlefield V’s Stream reveal on May 23rd.

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