On June 19th, a group of streamers, including Amouranth and Indiefoxx, were banned from Twitch for overly sexualised content. The female streamers had moved from the hot tub section to ASMR and were creating a new meta for the section by “ear-licking” their mics, wearing revealing clothing and having the main focus of the stream be their backside.

This, as we said in the last article, went against Twitch’s rules on Sexually Suggestive content and, after much backlash from all areas of the community, resulted in a ban. And, as I mentioned before:

“Many people are applauding the fact that they have been removed from the platform, while others wonder how long it will be before people like Amouranth are allowed to return. This is, after all, not the first time she has been banned for breaching TOS, but she has always found a way to get back online.”

Amouranth and Indiefoxx made light of the situation on Twitter, with Indiefoxx suggesting the pair take a spa day together and Amouranth saying “1 like = 1 second shorter ban…”, and linking to her OnlyFans.


It seems people’s scepticism was founded, as, after only 3 days, Amouranth is returning to Twitch. The news was given via the Twitter account StreamerBans and confirmed in a reply to them by Amouranth herself.

This came as a shock to no one who is aware of her previous banning history, but it has left many people calling Twitch “a joke” for allowing Amouranth back on to the platform and asking for them to permanently ban the streamer.

The situation has, of course, been great promotion for the two women, with their return streams getting 18 000 and 12 000 live viewers.

It has also been a boon to Amouranth’s OnlyFans account, as she commented on social media:

Many commentators have said that they have no problem with what she’s doing, and she should be free to do it, but on an appropriate site for this sort of content. It seems that her viewers agree and have followed her onto OnlyFans.

This doesn’t change her desire to stay on Twitch, though, or Twitch’s desire to keep her as a partner. Understandable, when you work out how much they make from her monthly tier 1 subscriptions, alone.

Amid the furore, an old tweet of Indiefoxx has resurfaced in which she talks about women on Twitch. It makes for interesting reading:


It will be interesting to see how Twitch handles further issues with these sorts of streams and, what they will do about the new ASMR meta. Streamer Summit1g suggested, in a tweet, that the reason these streamers had moved to ASMR was BECAUSE Twitch had removed them from Just Chatting.

There is logic in his argument, as these streamers piggyback off the success of a section, using its established success to build a new meta within it. Will they make the same decision for ASMR and ear licking as they did for Just Chatting and hot tubs? And where will the next meta take us?

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