Well, The Simpsons have predicted it again. Disney’s purchase of 21st Century Fox’s movie and television divisions is reportedly nearing a deal, with an official announcement possibly arriving next week.

It’s been a month of false starts for a deal between Disney and Fox, and while past attempts have been fruitless, a potential deal is back on the table, and if rumours are to be believed, it seems as though the sale could actually go through this time.

Once the buy-out is confirmed, it’s unclear what Disney plans to do with their new Fox acquisitions, but sources have said that the reason for the deal is to allow Disney to stock-up on IPs, which can then be used through their Disney streaming service that’s scheduled to start in 2019. This would mean that, on top of Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar, subscribers to the service would also gain access to Fox’s expansive media portfolio.

CNBC has now reported that the two companies are nearing a final agreement, in which the enterprise value that Disney is looking to buy is said to be over $60 billion. They have also reported that the deal could be finalised as soon as next week, or certainly before the end of this year.

However, this deal comes with both pros and cons.

For fans of Marvel, this could mean the realisation of the X-Men/Avengers team-up that we’ve always wanted. For Star Wars fans, Disney would claim the distribution rights to the unaltered original trilogy, meaning the possibly release of a Blu-ray version of the first three films. The package Disney would receive in the deal would also reportedly include Fox’s A&E and Star TV networks, regional sports operations, and stakes in Sky and Hulu – along with IPs like Avatar and The Simpsons.

On the other hand, finalising this deal would mean that Disney would possibly have a monopoly of the industry, with five major film studios under their name. And despite the studios long history of quality movies, their tendency to remain on the lighter side of their properties would harm those films and series which have shown that they benefit from their little darkness – such as Logan and Deadpool.

At the moment, however, it remains to be seen whether the deal will be finalised.

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