Although Disney has expanded its empire through the purchase of franchises like Marvel and Star Wars, they do like to put out a couple of fairy tale adaptations now and then. And now it seems that they’re approaching a live-action Prince Charming movie. Only it won’t be the one we’re familiar with.

Disney hired Wonder writer/director Stephen Chbosky to write the movie, and it’s possible that he will be in the chair to direct. Two years ago, Matt Fogel was hired to write the initial script for the film, which was said to be a revised take on the Prince Charming concept. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie will follow the point of view of Prince Charming’s brother who “never quite lived up to the family name.”

While Disney’s live-action fairy tales have been earnest, and mostly stay in line with the animated classics, this Prince Charming movie sound as though it will be closer to 2007 comedy, Enchanted, which also parodied the fairy tale tropes that Disney usually works with. Perhaps the film will see the other Charming go on a journey to escape his brother’s shadow, once he realises that he isn’t really cut out to woo random women at balls.

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