While some fans have made petitions and the cast signed an open letter to the studio, it seems that Disney is standing firm on their firing of director James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3, following a meeting between Gunn and studio chairman Alan Horn.

Gunn was fired from the project almost a month ago when dozens of offensive tweets from almost a decade ago came to public attention. These “joke” tweets covered topics from paedophilia to rape and were resurfaced by alt-right agitators. Disney were quick to act, removing the director from the third instalment of the Guardians franchise, believing these comments were unacceptable in the era of movements like #MeToo and were a direct contradiction of the family-friendly image that Disney prides themselves upon.

Since that time, fans have been split, with many supporting Gunn, and his Guardians cast members even signed an open letter calling for his reinstatement.

Variety have reported that Gunn and his reps pushed hard for the director to be given a second chance, and Horn took the meeting with him “only as a courtesy” to clear the air. Though the meeting has been described by their sources as professional and civil, they also said that Horn remained firm on the studio’s decision to remove Gunn as director.

Insiders to the issue claim that Marvel president Kevin Feige was unable to attending the meeting, being out of town, and while it was rumoured that Feige was also pushing to reinstate Gunn, the Marvel head is also standing by the studio’s decision.

Spokespeople for both Marvel and Disney have declined to comment on this, but it seems that they are definite in their search for a new Guardians Vol.3 director. (*Cough* Taika Waititi *cough*)

It is unknown at this time whether the intended 2019 production date for the film will still stand.


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