Despite releasing well over a year ago, The Division still has a hefty amount of players logging on every day to head into post-apocalyptic Manhattan. Today, Ubisoft announced Update 1.8 which will add most notably a brand new map area to explore: West Side Pier.

The news comes alongside a new trailer which outlines what players can expect from update 1.8 when it launches this fall. The update introduces two new game modes, Resistance and Skirmish. Resistance is  a PvE mode there will be various NPCs spawning in waves as up to four agents try to survive for as long as they can and earn rewards. There’s also a new social hub to explore called Camp Clinton. The full synopsis is as follows:

“Defeated factions were last seen converging towards the sector and seem to have started working together for the first time. The Division must investigate the area to confirm that factions are indeed forging an alliance and determine the reason for their sudden interest in this location.”


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