This is a game that I have been expecting to play for the past few months since it was revealed at E3 last year. The last three days have been really fun playing the beta and also seeing how the game could look like when it finally comes out. I have spent most of my time this weekend playing it and I consider that a good thing because I can get easily board with games some times.

The first thing that I like is they brought back a lot of this that makes the older shooters popular and a lot of fun. A few minutes into the game reminds me of other games like Quake, Unreal Championship and Unreal Tournament. Compare to Unreal I think Doom is a little bit slower for an arena shooter but for me I like the movement part of the because you have to keep moving in this game if you try camping you going to get killed a lot before you can react back at the opponent, there are two game modes you can the first one is team Death Match, which I think is the same with every other shooter game we play this day, go out kill the other team get to the winning score before the other team which is getting 75 kills to win the game.


Then they’ve got the other mode domination which is called Warpath we’ve all seen this in games like old Assassin’s Creed, Halo and other online multi-player game but unlike domination where the base is fixed at a location or the location gets spawned to a different place in the map, but with this game mode there is a line that wraps around the map and the capture area is constantly moving along the line and I have to say I actually loved it because I keeps everyone moving, you know where it’s is all the time, with it once you know where it coming from you can set up a trap against the opponent to take over the zone, I like that you can ambush the opponent any how you want e.g stay up shoot at them before they can react back, hope other game pick up this idea and add it to their game because it was really fun to play to win in this mode the first team to reach the score limit which is 250 point and the game is won.

The gun overall feels well balanced most of the time I see people using every type of weapon that is available in the beta. I did get the chance to play with most of the weapon but the one I used the most was the Shotgun for my primary and rocket launcher for my secondary both weapon had me covered for long range and close range shooting, they also have some type grenade in the game that reduce the opponent’s health giving you more chance to kill them but at the same time the grenade gives you the opponent’s health.

There is no health regeneration in the game like the previous Doom games. The map is full of health and armour pick ups, so if you’ve been shot at the few ways to gain back health is to pick them up which not everyone was doing because they’re always trying to kill someone else also if the kill someone their armour drops down so that you can pick them up for yourself. There is some special weapon that spawn on the map and it feels like the game is well balanced for the team. One main ability that everyone was fighting about is the Demon Rune which enables you to turn in a demon with two rocket launchers and a jet pack to fly around in the map.

With it you have the power to turn a game around if your team were losing. It might sound (Over Powered) OP but the way it’s been set feel kind of balanced because if you die before the time runs out another person can pick up the Demon Rune it can change the game because a lot of time when me or any other person in my team picks it up we end up getting killed and losing the match because we didn’t hold on to the demon rune because they’re too eager to kill any opponent they see, so far it’s been a great experience play it and am so happy that I pre-ordered that game and they’ve giving me more reason to keep that pre-order on but I say the same for everyone because you might have to play the full game when it come out to see more stuff like the story mode and any other stuff coming in the full game.

Let us know if you’re interested in getting the game and what you think of the beta.

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