If you missed out on the doom closed beta well don’t worry, when Bethesda closes a door they open a window. On the 14th April they announced an open beta for everyone on pc, ps4 and Xbox can play on the official doom website check it out its :


You can also begin installing the game now on the 12th April and access it on the 14th through to the 17th April.


Now you can gear up and fight like hell on the 14th to the 17th April. But if you’re going to miss out on the open beta, don’t worry the game will soon be released next month on 13th May 2016.
You guys excited for the doom reboot?, or you think its going to flop on release?, let us know in the comments below.

DOOM (2016) Beta
Platforms: PC, PlayStaion 4, XBOX One
Released: 14th April 2016

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