DrinkBox Studios, the team behind Gaucamelee and Mutant Blobs have just released their first-person, dungeon crawling adventure game Severed. The game has already been released on IOS, 3DS and Wii U after initially launching on the PS Vita.

Severed follows the story of a young woman called Sasha who, at the start of the game, loses her arm and witnesses her family being kidnapped. She must fight through monster-filled dungeons (is there any other kind?) powering herself up in the hopes of getting back her family. The game features touch control-implementation which involves slicing off enemy limbs with your finger. Doing so builds up combos and special attacks which must be used in order to tackle more powerful enemies. Severed features the unique art-style from Guacamelee and is definitely worth picking up if you have a Nintendo Switch.

Check out the launch trailer below!

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