“I’m Scrooge McDuck. I made my name by being tougher than the toughies, and smarter and the smarties.”

It’s been almost 30 since the original run of DuckTales ended, and now, in this age of reboots, Disney XD has brought the series back with an all-star cast – and, it’s not bad.

Encapsulating the same playful nature that the original series had, it is able to retrieve its early audience with a sense of nostalgia – and yet, we start at the beginning of the DuckTales tales, perfect for the new generation of kids that will welcome this show into their lives.

We begin with the triplets, Huey, Dewey and Louie (played by Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz and Bobby Moynihan, respectively) living with their Uncle Donald (Tony Anselmo) who seems way more difficult to understand in this series than he ever has before. On their houseboat, they ‘prepare’ their uncle for a job interview by almost burning his iconic sailor shirt, and shoving a fish in his face, with an encouraging condiment message around the sides. However, they are not the wonderful, heartening nephews that they seem, as Dewey has disappeared into the engine room, to jumpstart the boat, ready for adventure the second Donald leaves. The problem being, that Donald finds him before he leaves (after all, the triplets are no masters of espionage).

It’s here that Donald decides that there’s no way he’s leaving the boys alone – and, fresh out of options, he must turn to the only relative left who can watch them.

Enter, Scrooge McDuck (David Tennant). Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Well, a billionaire, at least. And former adventurer.

Naturally, the triplets are thrilled, as they recount the many tales they have heard about this fascinating man – the adventures he’s been on, the foes he’s faced. He was the greatest adventurer in the world. The key word being, ‘was’.

When we see Scrooge, he is sitting in a grey room, bored as his business vultures (haha.) talk through him. He’s got a vault full of treasures, and yet he’s bored, and frankly, annoyed by everything. And when Donald and the boys arrive at the gates, he’s far from pleased to see them. The triplets’ excitement escalates when they find that they are related to this legendary man, but they quickly find he’s not exactly what they thought – surly and out-of-touch, Scrooge is the opposite of the duck they imagined, and so they utter the phrase that will bring about a profound change in him: “You used to be a big deal. What happened to you?”

And thus, it seems like Scrooge is out to prove to the boys – not to mention himself – that he’s still the man he used to be. From here the adventures begin, though we’ll hold back on the details, so as not to ruin anything.

We follow the boys and Great Uncle Scrooge as they take on their own adventures, alongside the mansion’s other residents, driver Lauchpad McQuack (Beck Bennett), housekeeper Mrs. Beakly (Toks Olagindoye) and her granddaughter Webby Vanderquack (Kate Micucci) – because you can’t have three boy ducks and not add in a girl as well.

However, the reboot is not without its faults, as the new style of animation for the series is more basic than its predecessor – which is not in itself a problem, but the boxy elements, that leave the characters with somewhat square heads may be a little distracting to those who watched the early series. And, as previously mentioned, Donald Duck has become increasingly difficult to understand, with his trademark speech impediment seeming to overpower the words. However, this might not be something everyone experiences.

Regardless, this new series is an excellent reboot of a Disney classic, with special attention being paid to someone who had been largely absent in earlier versions of DuckTales – the triplets’ mom, Donald Duck’s sister. And whilst it might take time for those of us who remember the early series to get used to the changes that this reboot brings, in this episode, the series has found its feet, and we look forward to what the next episode brings.

However, we’ve got a wait ahead of us, as the next episodes of DuckTales airs September 23rd on Disney XD.



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