With E3 sadly gone, delivering gamers some juicy and great looking games to come out in the near future, we look at some our major points from the event.

Starting off the list we have the long awaited fan favourite, Star Wars Battlefront 2. Continuing on the success from the first game, Battlefront 2 was hands down the biggest headliner of the conference. Despite expanding the galaxy and game play from the first game it offers fans some brand new story arcs to play through the campaign along with bigger multiplayer modes that boast new exciting weapons, vehicles and characters to play taken straight from the Star Wars universe. For the first time ever you can play as the classic enemy Droids or as the harbingers of lightsaber skill and swordplay Darth Maul or Yoda, to name a few of the great people that fill up the field Battlefront 2.



Next up we have the escapists dream in A Way Out; a co-op prison break game, that doesn’t abide by the traditional nature of EA’s previous games which really shows some new creative game play coming our way. This game will have you control a pair of convicts that don’t see eye to eye. Journey through this prison story, easily influenced from the likes of Shawshank Redemption and Prison Break, and see two unlikely friends form a familial bond as they plan their escape to reunite with their families. As the player’s can take control of both protagonist in this multiplayer game, be sure to experience a different kind of game play for each convict: Leo, a rambunctious convict that gets things done the way he wants or serve as a distraction; Vincent, the crafty con who can easily sneak through or take the easier route around missions. A Way Out is definitely the next big third person prison break game that you do not want to miss, coming Early 2018.

Bioware‘s latest third person action adventure sci-fi game will bring the cool and stylish MMORPG Anthem to a chorus of wide-eyed gamers. Become your own avatar (of a gun for hire) and journey through a galactic universe that is reminiscent of the Star Wars ‘verse. Pilot your own space suit that can be upgraded as you climb a jungle like terrain infested with alien monsters and enemy soldiers. Use your environment to your advantage as you can dive into the deep seas of a planet to flank enemies, or fly across the skies to dodge enemy attacks. Anthem is shaping up to look like one the aesthetically attractive games coming from EA that may rival the likes of Destiny or The Division.


The new Need For Speed: Payback doesn’t look like its cutting corners either. Feeding off the success of its popular games from the franchise, it offers some great action fuelled car chases alongside adrenaline rushing missions such as stealing cargo from a moving truck. Payback brings to the table an awesome action and adventure packed experience that any gear head or Fast and Furious fans can easily get behind for a thrill of a lifetime. Fans will be excited to know that they can race in fast cars across the open world of Fortune Valley this November 2017.

Now, it just wouldn’t be a EA conference without the sporting gladiator itself, FIFA making it presence known. However, this time FIFA 18 is going to bring a lot more energy than ever before. The game shows massive improvements with graphics, along with enhanced game play that is powered by real football player motion technology, from the likes of Christiano Ronaldo. FIFA 18 also sees the return of the popular story mode ‘The Journey’. FIFA 18 will heading onto the pitch on 29th September 2017.

And not to be outperformed by the likes of FIFA, Madden 18 returns to the field with a snap back  fun american football game. It will introduce a story mode similar to ‘The Journey’ called the Long Shot and help to amplify the game as you run through a story driven campaign, that sees you climb up from amateur footballer to a professional. Madden 18 will be making a touchdown on 25th August 2017.


Though we have covered the new soccer and football games from EA, it won’t be the same without mentioning the new NBA Live 18. The game displays a new career mode as you create your own player, make your own choices, and make your own way to the big league and play alongside famous teams and players. NBA Live 18 will be coming out this August 2017 or you can catch the free demo now to play.

Are you looking forward to the lineup of EA Games? Let us know in the comments below.

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