EA Originals, the new indie-supporting program by EA announced at Gamescom today that the first game from the initiative, Fe, will be released in early 2018 for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Developed by Zoink, the adventure title is heavily influenced by the world of nature and looks to be a beautiful addition to the 2018 indie line-up.

During the press conference detailing the release, Zoink also premiered the gorgeous trailer for the upcoming game, giving many people some serious Ori and the Blind Forest vibes. Similarities aside, it looks to be a beautiful and thought-provoking title, pairing a stylish contrast palate with intricate sprite designs.

Fe is set in the vivid Forest of Life, a land shrouded in darkness thanks to the presence of the brooding Silent Ones. Playing as an adorable wolf-like cub, the player must adventure across the land, bringing the cub’s cry to even the darkest corners in order to restore it to its previous beauty.

On their official website, Zoink describes Fe as;

“…a personal narrative about our relationship with nature, the land, and its beings. It’s a wordless celebration of our longing to be one with world around us. It’s a story that reminds us that everything in this world is connected, living in a delicate balance that is constantly under threat. It’s a game full of discovery, conflict, and relationships.”

…Powerful stuff.

Fe debuts the EA Originals Program

Fe debuts the EA Originals program

Although the expected release was the focal point of discussion, the news that it would be released for the Nintendo Switch also has prospective players brimming with anticipation – Fe will be the second EA branded title officially announced for the Switch, giving players hope that many classic titles will finally reach the currently underpopulated Switch library.


Whilst EA Originals also announced the second game in the program, Sea of Solitude, late last year, Fe is the only game to have thus far received an official release date.

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