But will it be anything like their take on the Invisible Man?

Not satisfied with just one vanishing act, Universal have started developing an Invisible Woman film, from an original pitch by Elizabeth Banks, who will direct and star in the film.

Banks and Max Handelman will produce the film through their Brownstone Productions, which has been behind all the Pitch Perfect films, and most recently Charlie’s Angels – which Banks also directed and co-starred in, as well as recently describing it as a “flop”.

The announcement of an Invisible Woman film comes as Universal’s Invisible Man film from Leigh Whannell and Blumhouse nears release. In that revamp of the classic monster story, Elisabeth Moss plays the widow of an abusive husband (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) who fears that he may still be around, only he cannot be seen.

Deadline has reported that Banks will be the one to turn invisible in this project, though given that Banks has a reputation for directing more comedic projects, it’s probably safe to assume that this film won’t have the same kind of horror/thriller vibe to it as Whannell’s.

All of these monster films are coming as a result of a revamped strategy from Universal (after the failure of Tom Cruise-starrer The Mummy) to abandon their planned cinematic universe in favour of responding to pitches that they like – as they have with Banks, and another project, Dark Army, from Paul Feig.

More on the Invisible Woman film when we have it.

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