This year’s Arrowverse crossover, Elseworlds, has added another villain to the three-part event’s line-up, in the form of Psycho-Pirate.

Last year’s Crisis on Earth-X had a somewhat lighter premise, in which Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) invited his superfriends to his wedding, Elseworlds is set to be the game changer that fans have been waiting for. Bringing in new characters, locations, and inspiration from Crisis on Infinite Earths, this crossover is already shaping up to be epic, and the addition of a villain like Psycho-Pirate just adds another layer of danger for our heroes.

According to TVLine, Bob Frazer has been cast in the role of Roger Hayden/Psycho-Pirate.

Normally associated with Darkseid’s Secret Society of Super-Villains, the character wears a mask which allows him to manipulate emotions, however in Crisis on Infinite Earths, he works alongside The Anti-Monitor, who offers him power in exchange for maintaining an emotional control over the population.

He will appear in all three episodes of Elseworlds, although it isn’t clear as to how he will factor into the overarching storyline.

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