Existing somewhere outside the rhythm game and more conventional forms of music-game genre is a less-defined but very special place indeed. It’s a place where Rez is king and a game’s music is as important as and directly impacts game-play. Aiming for this sweet-spot is Ersatz, an action-platformer from developer ALL iN.

As will become abundantly clear when you watch the trailer below, Ersatz is all about the music and the way it allows the player to interact with the world. Featuring a minimalist art-direction and frenetic visuals, Ersatz will have players sliding, jumping and dashing through its world, all to the rhythm of its electronic soundtrack. The soundtrack features tracks from a wide-range of genres including House, Techno, Synthwave and DnB.

The game also features alternative playstyles which dictate the way the player moves around the world. There’s 8  levels to tackle as well as unlockable modes and cosmetics. You can check out Ersatz when it launches September 13 on Steam.

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