In the newly released trailer for sci-fi romance, Zoe, we see Ewan McGregor attempt to create the perfect soulmate in a narrative that bears a thematic resemblance to Black Mirror’s “Hang the DJ.”

From Equals director Drake Doremus, Zoe brings together McGregor and French actress Léa Seydoux (Spectre) as two people who begin a romance before realising that it’s less than ideal in scientific terms – not unlike the themes of the director’s past films.

The stakes are established early in the trailer, as McGregor’s character talks of the importance of human connections, and from there Seydoux poses a new scientific mission – to work out the exact probability of two people staying together. As in Equals, Doremus’ use of a subdued colour palette emphasises the human element of the story, as well as an ethereal feel to the overall visuals. One of the most impressive parts of Equals was its cinematography, so it’s great to see that Doremus is following a similar path in Zoe.

This film does share a similar premise to Black Mirror’s “Hang the DJ” which saw a future in which single people seek a partner on a system that dictates how long their relationship will last. However, Zoe seems to focus more on the journey of the characters’ romance, rather than the relationship it has to science/technology. As well as two impressive leads, Zoe also has a strong supporting cast in Christina Aguilera, Theo James, Rashida Jones and Miranda Otto.

While the film didn’t receive amazing reviews when it premiered at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, early social media reactions show that many people have connected with the story.

Zoe will be available for streaming on July 20th on Amazon Prime.

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