There’s another Stephen King adaptation on the way, featuring the adult version of a familiar character, as Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep has cast Ewan McGregor as grown-up Danny Torrance – the creepy kid from The Shining.

Variety reported the news that the actor had signed on to lead Doctor Sleep for Flanagan, who most recently directed the Netflix adaptation of King’s Gerald’s Game. The director impressed audiences and critics alike with his adaptation which in the past had been written off as too difficult to make, as most of the narrative takes place in the mind of Jessie (played by Carla Gugino).

Doctor Sleep is similarly tricky. Published in 2013, the novel meets Danny Torrance decades after the events of The Shining – now an adult, he is a recovering alcoholic with anger issues who uses his psychic abilities to help ailing people in hospice care.

Using his “shining” Danny meets a young girl named Abra, who has similar abilities, and together they fight back against an evil group of near-immortals who want to feed off the duo’s powers.

It’s not one of King’s best works (but that still makes it better than most out there) however, with what Flanagan managed to achieve with Gerald’s Game, and McGregor in the leading role, let’s remain optimistic.

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