It has been announced today that the beloved tabletop game Settlers of Catan, will be turned into a virtual reality game.

The game, Catan VR, from Catan GmbH, Catan Studio, Asmodee Digital, and Experiment 7, invites gamers to play Catan on the island of Catan itself. Developed with the game’s original creators – father and son Klaus and Benjamin Teuber, Catan VR brings to life vibrant in-game environments, as well as cross-platform play which brings the tabletop game to life, so you can play with friends, wherever you are.

Get a glimpse of the game in the launch trailer below:

Catan VR maintains the tactile, social fun of a board game, but adds expressive in-game avatars, voice communications, and intuitive control schemes – both touch and gaze. Distance will never again break up a gaming group, as Catan VR allows friends and family across the globe to play together around the same table. Not only the friends you know, either, as the game allows you to play multiplayer, matching you with gamers across the globe. Or, if you would rather brush up your skills alone, you can play against unique AI personalities, including Catan’s own Candamir, Lin, Mary Anne and Nassir.

Catan creator Klaus Teuber explained that this expansion follows the very essence of the game: “Catan is about exploring new frontiers. What better way to express that than by venturing into the exciting new world of virtual reality? The immersion made possible by this platform captures the boundless opportunity of taking that first step onto undiscovered lands.”

Find Catan VR on the Oculus Store now, for £10.99/$14.99/ €14.99 – or on Samsung Gear VR for £7.99/$9.99/€9.99. The game will be available on Oculus GO soon.

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