Bethesda has announced some great news for fans of Fallout, as the DLC content for upcoming Fallout 76 will be free for everyone. Though they have a chequered past with microtransactions, the company hopes to be able to fund all of Fallout 76’s post-release material through the money generated from the main game’s use of selling cosmetic upgrades.

Fallout 76 was the surprise announcement of this year’s E3, and though it originally divided opinion as a contrast to everything players love about the game, Bethesda still has faith as they push forward. As well as being an MMO to rival others on the market, ditching the standard NPCs, Fallout 76 will use maligned microtransactions to help the game.

The Making of Fallout 76 from NoClip revealed some interesting details about what fans can expect from the game. Looking to put their overpriced DLC packages behind them, Bethesda will be generating profit from the cosmetic transactions in the game, rather than employing a pay-to-win style of gameplay.

Promising that the game’s content will be free for “years to come” the company explained that microtransactions will power Fallout 76 as a clever way to keep fans coming back. Though players will still be able to earn cosmetic additions through gameplay, those who want certain items will have to pay real-world cash.

NoClip’s documentary also revealed that the game will contain six different areas, and dynamic events, as well as bringing back the ability for players to mutate.

While this is an admirable goal for the company to have, its success rests almost entirely on whether players will pay to change their appearance in the game – if they don’t, the free post-release could fall at the first hurdle.


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