Deadline has reported that Warner Bros. is pushing back the start of production on the third Fantastic Beasts film to later this year.

The J.K. Rowling-scripted film was to begin filming in July of this year, but it now appears that the studio is pushing this start date back to late autumn.

According to Deadline, this all comes down to having more preparation time for the third instalment (so maybe we’re right that Rowling’s gearing up for another inexplicable plot twist). Due to the recent release of The Crimes of Grindelwald, which made $650 million at the global box office and disappointed fans everywhere, Warner Bros. needs more time to work on the threequel’s pre-production.

In order to go in front of cameras this summer, Fantastic Beasts 3 would already need to be in the stage of soft preparation, and obviously that wouldn’t leave the cast and crew with much time between instalments. Previously, Warner Bros. has tended to rush their event films to meet release date, but the new WB administration is taking the more reasonable approach of allowing these big projects the times they need to simmer until done.

More on Fantastic Beasts 3 when we have it.

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