Vostok Games has released a creepy first look at their upcoming game, Fear the Wolves, ahead of their E3 2018 showcase.

Combining the well-worn genre of battle royale with horror gaming, Fear the Wolves drops players into the Chernobyl wasteland, where the PvP and PvE deathmatch whittles the numbers down to one as gamers destroy each other while dealing with the menacing environment that surrounds them.

Released on the Focus Home Interactive YouTube Channel, the video teases those who have already delved into the battle royale game. 100 players parachute through clouds of radioactive gas, swinging axes at each other, while they also take on mutated animals and flesh-hungry ghouls. Both the game’s name and trailer centre around the radioactive wolves (that many have likened to Resident Evil’s killer dogs) that will be a major threat to the players.

fear the wolves sc

Entering the fray with nothing, players must scavenge for everything they need, and will only be able to access certain areas if they have been able to locate the correct protective equipment. The trailer even shows the brutality of the Fear the Wolves gaming experience, as one player kills another for their gas mask – and if players cannot retrieve the goods before entering the hazard zones, reality will begin to distort as their health and mind succumb to the horrors of radiation poisoning.

But none of it matters unless players can make their way through the radiation and get to the helicopter extraction point where only one will be flown to safety.

Taking the already brutal battle royale formula to murderous new heights, Fear the Wolves may not be the biggest of this year’s titles, but it is certainly generating a positive buzz in E3’s battle royale circles.

Fear the Wolves Early Access starts this Summer on Steam. Check out the official website here.

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