Director: Patty Jenkins
Writer(s): Allen Heinberg, Geoff Johns, William Moulton Marston (creator)
Starring: Gal Gadot, Connie Neilsen, Robin Wright, Chris Pine, David Thewlis, Saïd Taghmaoui
Released: June 2nd 2017

After teases and trickles of imagery the Wonder Woman film trailer has finally descended upon the world:

It’s been a long time coming in the world of superhero films but we finally have a feature film led by a woman and it does intrigue the eyes and heart for what’s about to come. What took them so long?

Amidst the tripe that was Batman vs, Superman: Dawn of Nothingness were several short bursts of footage of was and/or will be from characters that will ultimately join Batman’s team of do-good-ers, the Justice League. Diana Prince, as she’s known to our mortal shores, merely had a cameo in BvS but actually stole the whole movie and story from under Bats, Supes and Lex capes when she leaped in to battle a man-made CG-creature that was destroying the city.

The bursts of footage and visuals showed us Aquaman wading mysteriously in the water, The Flash inconspicuously saving a store clerks life, a man being brutally experimented on and transformed into a bleeding edge robot and of course a photo of Diana with soldiers from the Second World War, un-aged by the ravages of time. Of course all lead-ins to each characters individual future movies.

So here we are. Wonder Woman, created by the inventor of the lie detector machine William Moulton Marston, introduced in All Star Comics #8 (1941), finds a man, who has crashed his plane in the waters of a secluded island of warrior women. Fascinated by him and his crusade she sets out with him to explore the outside world, aiding him in destroying evil and doing so she becomes one of the worlds greatest heroes.

There is but one major hope here and that it has a story, unlike the previous DC/WB fare. One can argue, and may be rightly so, that Wonder Woman’s complex relationship to her Mother and sisters (there are so many of them) is what makes her a formidable individual and unlike any other DC hero. She is a positive role model to women and men all over the world which is why it is so important to fans and critics this movie cannot go wrong.

From an audiences eyes it has the same sepia filter that Man of Steel and BvS had and that it will fall flat artistically just like they did, but with Hollywood powerhouses Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright involved and in high casting positions one would hope it won’t.

As devout fans of WW the SBOC writing team hopes it will be the game changer the studio and publishing house needs.

SBOC will be there June 2017 to review Wonder Woman (and to see if Thymiscera is the next go-to holiday destination).

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