The story takes place in the futuristic city of Kingdom of Lucis. The main protagonist is Nyx Ulric (voiced by Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul) a member of the Kingsglaive, a private military force that harnesses its magical strength from the king’s magical power. The movie centres around Nyx and the current war he is involved in between two kingdoms, Kingdom of Lucis (where Nyx fights on behalf of) and the Kingdom of Niflheim. The movie’s events goes are parallel with the events in the upcoming game, Final Fantasy 15, and its main focus seems to be to learn about the world of final fantasy and the politics of the current war that takes place.

Regardless on whether you’re an old or new fan to the Final Fantasy franchise, the movie was an interesting adventure though average in its execution in certain key areas. Though Square Enix (creators of the franchise) released an episodic cartoon and a movie to help promote their latest game, thought that this feels less like a promotion and had its own merits with a deeply thought out plot with the support of an all-star cast, including Sean Bean and Lena Headey to help bring their CGI characters to life.

The action sequences are adrenaline pumping and ties in neatly with the essence of the film, so much that you will grow attached to the characters. The graphics looks phenomenal as it surpasses its predecessors such as Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

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The movie was enjoyable with an extensive dialogue in the beginning, though it may convince viewers to purchase Final Fantasy 15 to continue the adventure.

The only issue with this movie was the main plot is only shown through the characters daily life routine, meaning it’s never expressed or told correctly but more of told in small pieces that are insufficient to explain what is truly going on. The acting is good for some strong plot progression sequences. However, it is set back when characters don’t stay consistent for when they say cheesy phrases that are translated from the Japanese version to the English dubbed movie or the way they talk doesn’t reflect in realistic situations. A few conversations feel forced to use final fantasy made up terminologies when characters refer to money as Gil or when they talk about Chocobos (a baby chick crossed with an ostrich-like animal) which does not grip the viewers into this fantasy world.

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On the whole it’s a fun romp with stylised and choreographed fight sequences attempting to be unique and exciting. It’s only hold-ups were with a few scenes with bland acting and boring dialogue that are only put there so characters explain what the world is like. If you want a fun action movie with a dry plot and more style than substance then you can just about get by with Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive.

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