Square Enix has announced today that a limited pop-up experience will be arriving in London next month opening on November 3rd celebrating the renowned RPG series in its 30th anniversary year. Final Fantasy has been evolving with each title releasing since its inception and for one weekend up until Sunday 5th November, fans will have the opportunity to play legendary games from the series and browse through the store and purchase special, limited edition merchandise from the series.

Exclusive to the London pop-up experience, visitors will also have the chance to obtain one of three mug designs with the purchase of any themed drinks at the store. The exclusive Moogle, Chocobo, and Cactaur designs will be available in limited quantities throughout the three-day event and if you’re a fan of the series, we urge you to grab them while they’re hot!


Across the three-day event, fans of the series will also be able to sample the highly anticipated upcoming title to the series – DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY NT – This will be a perfect opportunity for fans who weren’t able to sample the title back at EGX to come down to the pop-up experience and experience it for themselves.

If that hasn’t hyped you enough by now, Square Enix has also announced that on Friday 3rd November, producer Ichiro Hazama for the DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY NT title will be in attendance while on Sunday, 5th November, legendary producer & director of the FINAL FANTASY XIV game, Naoki Yoshida will also be in attendance. Tickets are probably going to sell-out like hotcakes!

So how does one apply for a ticket to attend the pop-up experience? Well, Square Enix has specified that ticket details will be available soon on their social media pages, we’ve dropped their links below so you’ve got it bookmarked and ready to go!

Official Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/finalfantasy
Official Twitter: @FINALFANTASY

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FinalFantasyXIV/
Official Twitter: @FF_XIV_EN

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