Released: 28th April 2017

Well folks, it’s finally here…sorta.

James Gunn and the uber-deities at Marvel/Disney have given us initial teaser footage and a poster for the upcoming sequel to 2014s runaway success Guardians of the Galaxy this time cleverly entitled Guardians of the Galaxy vol2. Ingenious!

It seems like so much information on this movie has been already given to us, from the knowledge that Starlord’s pops is actually a sentient planet (no, really) to the including of future Guardians member Mantis, to…to…?…actually that’s it. So this ‘teaser’ should be the first step towards future trailers that’ll eventually enlighten us with everything we need to enjoy the next mission.

You can bet that when this film is released the entire SBOC crew will be there to soak up the action, adventure, laughs, corkin’ soundtrack and maybe a few hugs from Drax the Destroyer. Who wouldn’t want that?

– Take note of the poster and a certain baby alien wood person hugging Starlord’s leg. How cute.

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