With the Yakuza series being the much-loved and established brand that it is, you might have expected the developer to stick to its guns. It seems this is not the case as they have announced a new PS4 game, Fist of the North Star, which will release in Japan sometime next year.

You can watch the reveal trailer below which shows off the game, appearing to be some sort of post-apocalyptic Yakuza-Mad Max hybrid (Sold!). The game is based on the manga series of the same name which ran from 1983 to 1988.

Thanks to Gematsu, we have a plot synopsis:

“Due to the hell fire of the final war, every living thing seemed to have been destroyed. However… humanity was not annihilated.

An era has arrived where all civilzations were blown away and none were produced. A world where the strong compete for the little food and resources left behind, and where violence dominates.

In the corner of such a world was a place called “The City of Miracles.” That city’s name is Eden.”


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