Ubisoft have announced that their era-spanning melee fighting game For Honor will finally be getting dedicated servers. In a move which has been long-demanded by fans, Ubisoft revealed the news in an in-house interview with Game Directors Roman Campos-Oriola and Damien Kieken.

Speaking on the move to dedicated servers Kieken said the following:

“the main reason for us, is that we want to improve the stability of the matches on 4v4, and we want to have an architecture that is more long-term, that could help us more in the future for the things we want to do next. And then you have some very simple examples; with dedicated servers, you don’t have session host migration anymore, so there is no game pausing when somebody leaves the session. You won’t have to manage your NATs. You don’t have to check your NAT if you want to play with a friend or things like that. So it will also help greatly the overall experience of the player, from matchmaking to the game session itself, to playing with friends, and things like that.”

There’s no word on exactly when the game will be getting dedicated servers but it is included in a Roadmap for the game which can be viewed below.

For Honor Roadmap


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