Despite only having launched last week, Epic’s new game Fortnite has managed to sell over 500k units. This figure represents digital pre-orders alone with fans paying between $40 and $150 a piece. It’s also interesting to note that the game will be free-to-play when it launches in its complete form in 2018.

The news comes from Darren Sugg, creative director on Fortnite, who announced the figure on his Twitter account.

Fortnite was announced back in 2011 and is a team-focused, scavenge and build action game. Players must venture out into the large sandbox world and scavenge for materials. They must then build and fortify structures which are used to defend against hordes of encroaching monsters. Players can edit and customise their forts and must work together in order to survive. The world is randomly generated and features four different classes, namely ninja, the outlander, soldier, and constructor.

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