While FOX has been busy axing shows left, right and centre, they have at least found a replacement for Lethal Weapon actor Clayne Crawford, who was fired last week due to allegations of on-set abuse. Not only have they found a replacement, it’s actually something of an upgrade, as taking Crawford’s place on the series will be American Pie alum Seann William Scott.

It won’t be a straight replacement, however, as Scott won’t be playing Martin Riggs, but rather a new character.

TV Line has reported that a number of actors turned down the opportunity to replace Crawford before Scott signed on, and though the actor’s role is unconfirmed, TV Line has reported that he may well be playing the brother of Crawford’s Martin Riggs – in order to clear up any potential confusion on the audience’s part.

Lethal Weapon has been renewed for a third season, more on the show, and Scott’s role when we have it.

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