Ryan Reynolds has released the first image of Zazie Beetz as the most fortunate mutant mercenary Domino in the upcoming movie, Deadpool 2, and she’s striking the same pose that Mr. Pool did in one of the many promo’s prior to the first films release.

Zazie Beetz as Domino in the upcoming movie Deadpool 2

Zazie Beetz as the mercenary Domino in the upcoming movie Deadpool 2

You don’t even have to go online and see the reactions from the legions of overly devout fan-gimps on their feelings about this. We can tell you where ‘certain people’ will find fault with her appearance. Firstly, the ‘patch’ over her eye should be black not white, her skin could be a little more ashen, and her hair is reminiscent of another badass mercenary from the Marvel Netflix series Luke Cage, Misty Knight. Vanity and appearance is so important to these online armchair supporters.

Alas, creative license is what rules most studios to do as they please but it is also way too soon to vocally lambaste any aspect of this productions choices. Before you jump on the bandwagon remember that while Wade rescued his lady with the Voltron ring on her finger she was also briefly subjected to the torturous procedure that made Wade an even more masterful douchebag assassin. Go back and have a look-see.

She gasps. A lot*.

Appearances aside, it’s performance that counts and Zazie has the credentials to back up the studios casting choice. Reynolds waded through the stinky boglands that was Blade Trinity and X-Men: Wolverine Origins to carry on working with Marvel, play his dream character and get it right. As Producer he’s not going to let small details drop from the high standards he and the amazing company of the first film built up. Have some faith.

If the film turns out to be bad we’ll be the first to admit it. Kinda.

We wait patiently for the first official image of Domino’s partner-in-crime Cable, who will be played by the eldest Goonie, Josh Brolin.

Deadpool 2 sees its release June 1st 2018

*look into Vanessa Carlyle

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