A frequent director on The Walking Dead has taken to social media to fan fears that the exit of star Andrew Lincoln will ruin the show.

The most recent season of The Walking Dead has suffered some of the show’s lowest-ever viewing figure, and in a slow decline, rumours began to emerge that actress Lauren Cohan was set to leave the show amid pay disputes. It was then announced that Cohan would return for Season 9, but then last week brought with it some shocking news for fans of the series – the show’s star, Andrew Lincoln, would be leaving the show next season.

Though neither Lincoln nor AMC have officially confirmed the news, it seems that the actor’s exit is a done deal, after co-star Norman Reedus posted an ominous tribute that seem to confirm the news on social media.

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The current narrative is that Lincoln will leave The Walking Dead before the end of Season 9, with Reedus’ Daryl Dixon taking over as the new star of the show, earning a large pay rise in the process. Understandably, fans are more than concerned about the show’s future, as Rick Grimes is the primary focus of the still-running comic series.

Like Andrew Lincoln, Michael Satrazemis has been a director on the series since it began, and most recently worked on the episode “Still Gotta Mean Something.” Satrazemis responded to the reports of Lincoln’s exit with a touching message on his now-deleted Instagram page, featuring a photo of himself and the actor.

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The post seems to further confirm the reports of Lincoln leaving the show, and even suggests that the plan is to continue The Walking Dead beyond its ninth season with a new lead. And, despite the beliefs of fans and critics, it seems that the creative team behind the show are still passionate about the series and wholeheartedly believe that it can survive without Andrew Lincoln.

Interestingly, with Satrazemis deleting his post and then his Instagram account, it appears to indicate that AMC are reluctant to confirm the news, perhaps working on trying to return Lincoln to the role, or even believing that if they don’t announce the news, the death of Rick Grimes would be a surprise. Yeah, just like Glenn and Abraham’s deaths were a surprise.

As far as fans are concerned, it seems that no one is particularly hopeful that the show will be able to continue without its lead, and if it does, it’s viewing figures will likely drop even further. Bring back Andrew Lincoln, or end this nightmare, please.

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