It’s been four years since we said farewell to the Planet Express crew of Futurama, one of the most successful animated series of all time. However, back in July, executive producer Davd X. Cohen hinted that fans might not have seen the last of Fry and the gang.

Along with Matt Groening, Billy West and John Dimaggio, Cohen started a Reddit AMA, where fans all over the world asked them everything you can think of about the show. And Cohen answered one fan’s question about if Futurama would ever return by saying:

“There are no new TV episodes or movies in the pipeline at the moment…HOWEVER, here and now I promise a different avenue of exciting Futurama news later this summer, no kidding. Keep your expectations modest and you will be pleased, possibly. I am not allowed to say more or I will be lightly phasered.”

This comment sparked much speculation from fans, who imagined that the release would be another mobile app, launching off the back of Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. However, it has now been revealed that the new launch will come in a very different form to the hit TV show.

Futurama will return for a 42-minute podcast, and USA Today has released a snippet of what’s to come.

The project was brought about by Chris Hardwick, who runs, who told Deadline: “Last year I cornered two fine gentlemen – Matt Groening and David X. Cohen – and pitched the idea of doing a new Futurama episode as a podcast/radio play because it’s one of my favourite things and I need more of it. Today, I am drooling with unfiltered joy to say that a) it’s actually happening, b) I got to voice the villain (Klaxxon) and c) I’m a freaking head in a jar in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, a game I’ve been feverishly playing since it came out.”

According to Deadline’s report, the podcast will include crew Fry, Bender, Leela, Professor Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Amy and Hermes, embarking on a mission to Junkleon 7. However, the Planet Express gang, along with Calculon and the Borax Kid run into Klaxxon, described as “a nefarious life form composed entirely of soundwaves from 21st century podcasts.”

The Futurama podcast will be released September 14th.

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