Fox’s Gambit has once again found itself at a standstill. Having been nothing but hell for the project since its conception, Gambit has spent years gaining and losing release dates, to the point where many fans are losing interest in the X-Men spinoff.

Recently, the film once again lost a director as Gore Verbinski exited the project, meaning the release date was pushed back. The new release date will see Gambit arrive next summer, just a few months after The New Mutants debut – and while many expected filming to begin in March in New Orleans, issues behind the scenes have unsurprisingly complicated the production’s start date.

Omega Underground has reported that the production for Gambit has been put on hold, the original March start has been scrapped, with no hint as to when things will finally get going – of course, without a director attached, this isn’t really a surprise.

With a Summer 2019 release date secured, Gambit still has time to land a director and begin filming, and as production for superhero films takes a minimum of a year, they are still within range to pull it off.

Some have also suggested that this shake-up in production may see Gambit scaled back a little. Rumours have been swirling that the film has a huge budget, exceeding that of Deadpool and Logan – the films it is supposedly modelled after – and considering the character is a little more obscure, existing in a more grounded world, this raised eyebrows amongst some fans. A smaller budget could well help with the film’s issues, as production problems often spell disaster at the box office (we’re looking at you Justice League) and so a smaller budget would make it easier to earn that money back.

This news follows the rumours that the film was eyeing Lizzy Caplin for a major role.

Let’s just hope Gambit can find a director soon, or else the film may not come to fruition at all.

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