April 7th, 2017

Grab a gun and fire up the leash, it’s ass kicking time! Gearbox Studios have remastered the classic, high octane, testosterone-fuelled title, Bulletstorm featuring all the additional content that was made the first time round, it’s called Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. It’s a beautiful second coming for Grayson Hunt.

“I feel as though I should make a witty comment here…”

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is, ostensibly, the same game we all know and love. However, unlike some remastered editions, this one has truly been taken to the realm of next-gen’s. It feels like a brand new title, but with a wonderful sense of familiarity. There is large amount of humour, a good break from the more series First Person Shooters, and this is part of the charm of main character Grayson Hunt and his rag tag squad. They’re buff and brash, and just what is needed to fight the wide array of bad guys they meet.


Grayson Hunt and his squad discover that the job Dead Echo have been employed to do is not what it seems. Rather than the evil people they thought their targets were, they learn during one mission that they are in fact killing innocent people. This causes them to have somewhat of an existential crisis, leading to them seek revenge on the man who hired them, General Serrano. Grayson quits as an assassin, they get declared pirates and are on the run from Bounty Hunters sent by Serrano. Grayson and squad mate Rell interrogate a Bounty Hunter, while getting increasingly more drunk. However while trying to escape they run in to the Ulysses, Serrano’s Battle Cruiser near the planet Stygia. In his drunken rage, Grayson sets a course for his ship to crash straight in to the Ulysses, sending both ships plummeting towards the planet below.Thus begins the crux of the game, escaping from Stygia and the problems that follow. Serrano survives the crash, and is the squads only chance of escape, leading Ishi to declare he will not allow you to kill him, however much you want to. In the process of trying to reach him, Grayson and Ishi run in to a member of Final Echo , a woman by the name of Trishka. Reluctantly the three agree to work together to escape. On top of the hordes of enemies, the trio have to deal with Graysons typically ’80s action movie quips, as if he was Schwarzenegger in that Batman movie no-one talks about.


The “Skillshot” system rewards players for creative or skillful kills, using one of the games variety of weapon choices. Often these Skillshots are hilariously and inappropriately named, adding yet more humour. A breathe of fresh fair for a first person shooter to not take itself too seriously, Gearbox Publishing and People Can Fly have managed to find a great balance between these funny moments and the more serious nature of an FPS game.

Gameplay can be a little clunky at times, sometimes feeling a little more like a third person shooter, but this in no way detracts from the great fun that can be had. The replay value is also pretty high, as there are several collectible sets to find, and any true completion-ist is going to want to discover every skill shot on offer. Each weapon comes with a special attack, called a Charge Attack, which often increase damage or imbue other dangerous secondary effects to the weapon. These add to the hilarity, and increase the number and complexity of skill-shots on offer.

Also available is Echo Mode, a score based game mode, and Overkill mode, meaning once the game is completed players can begin again with all weapons and skill-shots available from the very beginning. Pre-orders are also provided with the Duke Nukem‘s Bulletstorm Tour DLC, featuring all new scripts voiced by the King himself, Duke Nukem. Anyone who missed out on pre-ordering, this is also available upon release for an additional cost of $5.

A must play for anyone who loved the original Bulletstorm, and anyone who likes to have a naughty laugh while gaming. Pretty visuals, an interesting story, fun – if a little clunky – game play still delivers a good gaming experience, with more on offer than is expected.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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