Tomb Raider writer Geneva Robertson-Dworet is set to adapt Andy Weir’s space heist, Artemis, to be directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Robertson-Dworet is on some of a hot streak in writing films that centre around a strong female lead, with her most-recent projects being Alicia Vikander’s Tomb Raider, the upcoming Marvel Studios’ film Captain Marvel, and Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff Silver & Black, so adapting Artemis shouldn’t be a problem. As for Weir, we already know that his work has as the makings of a hit, as is debut novel, The Martian, was adapted for the screen by Ridley Scott.

Artemis has been described as “an adrenaline-charged crime caper that features smart, detailed world-building based on real science.” The story centres around Jasmine Bashara, a.k.a. Jazz, another smart, directionless twentysomething pushing against the boundaries of her small town in order to create a better life for herself.

But, unlike many of these stories, Jazz’s small town is named Artemis – the first and only city on the Moon. With debts to pay and a job that barely covers the rent, she starts working as a smuggler, but that isn’t bringing in much cash either – so when she’s presented with the chance at a life-changing score, Jazz can’t refuse. The only problem is that this job puts her in the middle of a conspiracy for control of Artemis itself.

More on Artemis when we have it.

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