The Doctor’s daughter is back – not in the TV series, though. Finally, we will be able to hear all about the adventures of Jenny since she went separate ways with her father almost a decade ago.

Georgia Moffett (a.k.a. Georgia Tennant) is returning to the world of Doctor Who in a new audio series, entitled Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter. The project was first announced back in July, however now there have been more details revealed, along with the first official image.

Jenny originally showed up in the series back in Season 4, as the artificially-created daughter of the Tenth Doctor. The Moffett is actually the Doctor’s daughter in real life, as her father is Fifth Doctor Peter Davison, and met her husband, Tenth Doctor David Tennant on the set of the BBC show.

Audiobook company Big Finish Productions will be creating four new audio adventures, in partnership with BBC Worldwide.

Speaking about the project, Moffett said: “I’m so thrilled to be joining forces with Big Finish to bring Jenny back. As we head into the 21st century, FINALLY a female Time Lord in charge of her own spaceship… oh wait!”

When last we saw Jenny she had just been revived from a fatal shooting, before setting off to explore the universe without her father. This new series will find out what’s been happening with her in the nine years since.

Producer David Richardson stated: “I’m very proud of the female role models we have in our catalogue – River Song, Bernice Summerfield, Sarah Jane Smith, Charlotte Pollard among them – and in Jenny we have another brave, bold, intelligent woman who risks everything to save and protect others.”

And, in true Doctor Who style, Jenny will also have a companion, Noah, played by Sean Biggerstaff – who many will recognise as Oliver Wood from Harry Potter.

Doctor Who writers Matt Fitton and John Dorney will help to create the adventures, alongside Poldark’s Christian Brassington and White Van Man’s Adrian Poynton. Fitton, whose episode is entitled ‘Stolen Goods’ said:

“At last, we’re about to find out what happened to Jenny after she flew off in that ship at the end of The Doctor’s Daughter, eager to explore and follow her father’s example out in the wider universe. […] Genetically a Time Lord, yet born as a soldier, she knows virtually nothing about what’s out there. She’s never even been to Earth!”

You can now pre-order the box set of Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter online at Big Finish. The series will be released in June next year.

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