Gerard Butler certainly likes to keep busy, as he’s readying himself to set up another action-franchise.

According to Deadline, Butler has been working for a while to get Afterburn moving. An adaptation of the Red 5 comic by Paul Ens, Scott Chitwood and Wayne Nichols, the story is set in the future, five years after a solar flare disrupts all of the technology in Europe, and creates a number of mutations.

Butler will play Jake, a former oil roughneck and treasure hunter who heads to France in order to retrieve the Mona Lisa from the ‘burn zone’, and finds himself paired with a strong-willed weapons expert with her own agenda. Together, the pair will search for famed artefacts and treasures, as they face rival treasure hunters and mutated survivors.

The aim is to generate a series of films from the comicbook, along the lines of National Treasure, where Butler and his team hunt for antiquities. The film is to be written by Into the Blue’s Matt Johnson. Afterburn has also scored a director and producer in the form of Jung Byung-gil and Neal Moritz, respectively, and will begin shooting later this year.

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