Not content with being with simply being the voice of Carmen Sandiego in Netflix’s planned animated series next year, Gina Rodriguez is taking the character to the big screen, as she’s set to star in a live-action film for the streaming giant.

Originally a video game, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? follows a villainous mastermind, who runs the criminal organisation VILE, arch nemesis of the ACME Detective Agency. The game, and the products that came from it were usually designed to help children learn about geography, history, maths and languages, and Carmen Sandiego became a character popular enough to have expanded into books, TV shows, comics and board games.

This isn’t the first attempt at a live-action film of Sandiego’s escapades, with Disney considering making a movie starring Sandra Bullock in the ‘90s, and a more recent attempt having Jennifer Lopez attached for the starring role. However, nothing has come from these plans until now.

Netflix has acquired the live-action rights as well as those of the animated series and is beginning the search for a writer and director. No news yet on when they plan to release the film.

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