For its final season, Gotham is pulling out all the stops to give Batman fans an origin story that they will truly enjoy, and to do this, they are drawing on some classic comics.

In the Season 4 finale, the city of Gotham became a war zone, as it did in the comic No Man’s Land, with different factions of villains struggling for supremacy, and though the comic story saw a massive earthquake cause the city’s destruction, FOX’s version fell victim to a massive attack from Jeremiah Valeska (Cameron Monaghan). The government began evacuation efforts, but many remained in the city, either by choice, or due to the fact Jeremiah blew up the bridge out of town.

Gotham’s fifth and final season will continue this story, but will also weave in other stories from the comics. In an interview with ComicBook, Gotham executive producer John Stephens talked about how some of the Zero Year plot will make its way into the show’s final season:

“There are, and I’m trying to remember which [stories] they actually are. There’s gonna be a little bit of Zero Year in there, you know as well. [You know] some of that stuff, especially with Nygma. And there’s another one but if I tell you what it is it really does spoil the story.”

In the TV show, the Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) turned up lifeless at the end of Season 4, however he landed on Hugo Strange’s (BD Wong) operating table, with instructions of how to bring him back to life. This fits with the Zero Year plans, as much of that story revolves around the Riddler trying to turn Gotham into his personal playground at a time when Bruce Wayne is relatively new to being Batman. Given that the final season of Gotham will focus largely on Bruce Wayne (Daivd Mzouz) becoming Batman, Zero Year is a perfect way to bring the series to a close.

Gotham Season 5 does not yet have a premiere date.

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