Scottish AR company, Square Slice Studios, co-founded by comic book titan Grant Morrison has signed a creative partnership deal with Rony Abovitz’s billion-dollar tech start-up Magic Leap in order to create content for the Magic Leap One AR headset.

The partnership is Square Slice’s first steps in creating interactive experiences for Magic Leap’s mixed and augmented reality technology. The studio is anchored by the renowned graphic novel producer and writer Morrison, known for Batman: Arkham Asylum, Animal Man, X-Men, The Invisibles, and SyFy’s recent eccentric series, Happy! He also previously served as an advisor to Magic Leap when it started out.

magic leap one

The Magic Leap One AR Headset

Morrison said of the partnership, “Storytelling is my passion and I’ve found that new platforms allow me to extend my creative boundaries. We see Magic Leap as the next great platform for storytelling and we are excited to collaborate on content that helps bring our wildest dreams to life in the near future.”

Andy Lanning, Magic Leap’s Executive Creative Director said “The team at Square Slice Studios has a reputation for forward thinking and innovative creation. Their vision for the future aligns so much with ours that there will undoubtedly be a creative chemistry that helps usher in the next wave of dynamic and engaging content.”

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