Survival simulator game, Green Hell has released an announcement trailer, giving us our first proper look at the game.

A blend of Uncharted and 2017’s Jungle, Green Hell’s protagonist is challenged with living to fight another day after he finds himself lost in one of Earth’s most inhospitable places. Driven by a heightened sense of isolation that few can imagine, Green Hell looks to be one of the more exciting upcoming indie games.

As reported by IGN, Green Hell will feature both a survival and a story mode, with this summer’s early access on Stream focusing on the survival side of the game. And for those looking to find out a little more about the game, a first-look trailer has been released, which gets to the core of what this game really is:

The game’s lead has only a crackling radio’s familiar voice to guide the way, while players wander through the jungle in search of civilisation – similar to the likes of Bioshock, the protagonist must piece together a larger mystery in order to find out how he ended up in this unfortunate situation. However, this trailer makes clear that Green Hell isn’t just another survival horror, but a single-player, open-world game that would do just as well as a VR experience.

From developers Creepy Jar, the game drops players in the harsh undergrowth of the Amazon, and while here they must fight against everything from parasites to infection, during this lethal race to find salvation. The company has explained that they have tried to recreate the conditions that someone would face in real life, if they found themselves trapped in the Amazon, which explains the game’s unnerving realism.

The fact that Creepy Jar was founded by a group of developers who worked on 2015’s Dying Light, this should give some indication of what we can expect from Green Hell. Check out more on Creepy Jar’s official Green Hell website.

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