EGX Rezzed held this weekend showcased some of the newest and innovative talent Europe has to offer. Amongst the games we were not able to play where the two new titles from Green Man Gaming. A leading online engagement commerce platform in the video games industry who showcased: The Black Death and Lifeless.

Attendees got the chance to get hands on with the games and experience them at the stand before they officially launch on Early Access over the coming months. The Black Death is a dark multiplayer survival game that allows players to choose their own path in a bustling medieval land under the threat of a devastating plague. Key features of the game include survival tasks, living through different professions such as a knight or a blacksmith, exploring an 8km2 world, fighting with unique combat systems and buying weapons by earning a living.

black death

The Black Death is in PC format is currently available for pre-purchase online from Green Man Gaming and all other leading retailers of digitally downloaded games including Steam, Amazon and Humble. The game is scheduled for launch on 19 April 2016.

Lifeless is another multiplayer game that is set in May 2021 where ten years have passed since patient zero and the world is an infected wasteland. Players co-operate to survive a hostile and dynamic environment where they have to pick between two different factions, embark on quests and experience world events in an apocalyptic wasteland. Lifeless is due to be launched in May 2016.

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