According to the Resume of Grand Theft Auto 6 is recording motion-capture performances. Spotted by a NeoGAF user, the actor in question is Tim Gaff who has listed his involvement in the game on Breakdown Express.

This will come as no surprise to most as obviously Rockstar would be making GTA 6, unless they hate money of course. What is interesting to note however is the fact that the game is already recording motion capture, a practice indicating that the game may be further along in development than we thought.

It could be a typo for Neff working on GTA 5 but he did check into Rockstar San Diego offices in October 2016 and February 2017.

Rockstar’s next game, Red Dead Redemption 2, will release in 2018 and comes 5 years after the release of GTA 5. Despite releasing that long ago GTA 5 continues to sell gangbusters, recently taking the title of the UK’s top selling physical release so far this year.



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