Since its PlayStation 4 release last month, H1Z1 has been growing its fan base, but it has pretty much disappeared from PC battle royale conversation, where it all began. However, a massive PC update is set to change that.

Daybreak Games have released a game update this week for H1Z1 on PC, highlighting the remastered Z1 map named “Outbreak” – a post-apocalyptic 8×8 square kilometre world designed to enhance the fast-paced gameplay, which is now available in Solos, Duos, and Fives Mode on Windows PC.

As well as this, the update includes some changes to gameplay mechanics, allowing players to “recapture the classic feel of H1Z1.” This change includes new jump and run movements and animations that create a quicker, more responsive system in order to keep combat intuitive and enjoyable. This update also sees the return of classic audio cues.

Daybreak explained:

“Veteran players may notice a few smaller POIs in the northern and western areas of the map, along with new loot spots in the otherwise sparse areas. The terrain has been refined for improved navigation and to make it clearer where you can and can’t drive a vehicle. Buildings have been updated to be more performant and visually appealing. While most building layouts are unchanged, some were revised to better fit within area, window, and door metrics to make combat and navigation more consistent and less frustrating. All of this was done with an overall development philosophy to keep the footprint of the classic map and retain what made each city and POI fun and interesting.”

“The new map Outbreak is now available for play in all regular modes – Solos, Duos, and Fives – as we are currently in an off-season until Season Two kicks off in July. Based on community feedback and survey results from the Test server, spawn selection has been disabled for Outbreak. In addition, there are multiple lighting and climate schemes for Outbreak that will randomly rotate from match to match (take a look at some examples here). Finally, as we know many of you are fans of the Z2/Arena map as well, keep an eye out for how it could reappear in Arcade mode moving forward!”

h1z1 prizes

To celebrate the update there are a pair of limited time rewards that are only available until July 4th – the Homecoming Scrubs Set (for which you must play one match of Solos, Duos or Fives) and the Z1 Zombie Mask (for which you must do the same, but you will only receive the gift if your account was created before September 20th, 2016).

The H1Z1 update is available now.

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