H1Z1, the massive online zombie shooter, has had quite the interesting past. Originally created as H1z1, the game has gone through a few name changes and even split into two games at one point. Daybreak Game Company have announced that from here on out, the game will be called Just Survive.

Just Survive will feature a new map and new lore according to the press release. The company state that “A new narrative has been established, separating Just Survive from the H1Z1 universe. Just Survive’s rebranding and content update represents the development team’s evolved vision for the game and lays the foundation for future updates in the months to come”

The new open-world map is called “Badwater Canyon” and will feature a new player housing system called “Stronghold” in which “Players can build robust structures and fortify them with an array of defences and traps to fend off coordinated attacks,” Daybreak said.

Just Survive is currently available in Early Access for $19.99.

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