Everyone in the galaxy lived beneath The Empire’s rule post-Revenge of the Sith – for almost two decades – so Han Solo would be no different. And now, there are rumours stating that the Han Solo movie will pull a Rogue One and throw a little Vader into the mix.

Supposedly, Han’s future father-in-law’s armour was seen on the set of the upcoming movie as recently as two weeks ago – and though it’s unclear whether Vader’s role will be significant or merely a cameo, it seems that he will be appearing at some point. The Hashtag Show, who originally reported this find didn’t reveal who would be donning the iconic armour, Spencer Wilding, who physically portrayed the Sith Lord in Rogue One has already firmly denied that he will appear in the Han Solo movie, so if he is to appear, they’ve clearer found another tall actor to fill the suit.

Given that Han Solo didn’t seem to have encountered Darth Vader before the events in A New Hope, we can assume that if Vader is to appear, he won’t show up anywhere near our smuggling hero, so it’s fair to say that his role will probably be a minimal one. Rogue One struck a good balance between giving the iconic character screen time without having him overshadow the main characters, so director Ron Howard would be wise to stick to this formula when considering adding Vader into the film. However, it may not be as easy to seamlessly fit the Sith Lord into Han Solo’s story than it was to place him within a story that centred around The Empire’s work.

However, Darth Vader is not the only character from the original trilogy that’s rumoured to be making an appearance. After Phil Lord and Chris Miller were dismissed from the project, it was reported that Jabba the Hutt might also be being an appearance – which would make sense, given that Han already had a history with the slug crime lord before A New Hope.

The Han Solo movie is set for release on May 25th, 2018.

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