A brand new trailer for the upcoming Harry Potter RPG has been revealed. Little has been known about Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery up until now but today Portkey Games have pulled back the invisibility cloak and given us further details on the mobile RPG.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an official mobile game under Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s new Portkey Games label and is set prior to The Boy Who Lived’s arrival at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Players will attend classes, earn friendships (and the odd enemy too!), interact with the Professors and of course, learn magic. There will be a bunch of familiar faces including Nymphadora Tonks and Bill Weasley, as students of course, and who knows; Maybe Hagrid might even show his hairy face. Every decision you make throughout your time at Hogwarts will change your story arc and grant you a reputation, for better or worse, with your fellow witches and wizards.

The game will be first playable at the A Celebration of Harry Potter event at Universal Studios in Orlando, lasting from Jan. 26-28. Visitors will have the chance to play the game, meet members of the team and pick up all kinds of magical merchandise. The title will release sometime this Spring on IOS and Android devices.

Portkey Games is the label set up by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to create gaming experiences set around the Harry Potter universe. As well as Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery there’s also the upcoming Wizards Unite game developed by Pokemon Go team Niantic. The game is rumoured to feature the same AR, social connection play style as Pokemon Go but we will have to wait and see.

Until then, check out the trailer for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery below and be sure to let us know in the comments if you’ll be sat under the sorting hat when the game launches this Spring.


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