Today, Sony announced some new titles for their PlayLink series of smartphone integrated PS4 games. As well as three others, Hidden Agenda was announced, which comes from none other than Supermassive Games of Until Dawn.

The news comes from a post on the PlayStation Blog which outlines every upcoming PlayLink title. It seems the detective thriller Hidden Agenda will launch October 24 and tasks groups of players with making choices which will influence the narrative of the game. As well as Hidden Agenda, PS4 players will also get their hands on Knowledge is Power (a party-trivia game), Frantics (a collection of multiplayer mini-games) and Singstar Celebration.

All games except Frantics will launch on October 24 with Frantics launching March 13. All of these titles can be played with a smartphone or tablet instead of a Dualshock 4. The first PlayLink title That’s You is available to download now. Check out a trailer for Hidden Agenda below:


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