The experience of HBO’s Westworld goes well beyond the TV screen, and it seems that the Season 2 trailer shown during the Super Bowl included more than simply a look at the forthcoming season.

Through Polygon, Redditor Askin1 spotted white bars flashing on screen, and realised that it was binary. Once decoded, this binary code pointed to a new website – Delos Destinations.

What is immediately interesting when you visit the website, is that there is a total of six parks. Westworld, though in the midst of a Host uprising, shows that they are still taking reservations, while the second is glitchy but could well point to Samurai World (as hinted in the first season’s finale), and the final four parks show only static-covered images, stating “Reservations closed to the public.”


2018-02-06 (1)

2018-02-06 (2)

Not only do we get a glimpse at these other parks, but when you click on “Investors” it leads to the Delos Incorporated website, and here we get to see Delos founder: James Delos (Peter Mullan). Up until now, we only knew of Arnold Weber and Robert Ford.

2018-02-06 (5)

Delos came up with the idea for the company decades earlier, and Delos Destinations is only one part of the company. The page explains: “We’ve centred our entire mission around understanding you better. We use our diverse portfolio of cross-industry synergies to ask the right questions, manufacturing solutions to problems of everyday life.”

No surprise that they’re at the forefront of biological engineering, then.

However, it remains to be seen whether the introduction of Delos and the other parks will have any bearing on what happens in Season 2. Will we see Delos in one form or another? And will we get to see the other five parks?

Westworld returns April 22nd.

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